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What do you do with your photographs?

  • Think about what you do with your photographs. Where do you post or display them?  Is it responsible to post a photograph of someone who let you photograph them to a social media website where unrestricted 'usage rights' are stated in the terms and conditions of use of the site?
  • Only enter competitons that respect your rights as a photographer and ignore competitions that exploit the use of your image and copyright. If you enter a photograph of a person/people, do so with their permission.
  • Check terms and conditions of photography competitions carefully. These should state that your photographs will only be used and displayed in connection with the competition and should not extend the right for your photographs to be used for other marketing or promotions, or those of third parties nor allow photographs to be cut, edited, cropped or sub-licensed to third-parties. If you have entered a photograph of a person/people, how would they feel about their photograph being entered into a competition? For more information about photography competitions refer to the Artists Bill of Rights competitions advice.
  • PLEASE make sure you put your copyright and include metadata on your photographs - this is what professional photographers do, so regardless that you are an amateur or hobbyist photographer, protect your photographs when putting them on public display, entering them for  competitions, sending them to your local paper or displaying on your own website.
  •  Do not allow your photographs to be used without a credit or copyright notice.
  • Think very carefully about posting photographs on social media websites - very often the terms and conditions of use state that these images can be used by the site host, so for example, on facebook, ensure that the privacy and application settings restrict viewing and use otherwise you, quote from facebook terms and conditions, grant them a 'non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP content that you post on or in connection with Facebook (IP License)' unquote.

Concerned about invasive people photography? - it's something we discuss at length! When taking photographs of people please always try to ask if they mind you taking their photograph, always ask an adult's permission before photographing a child, then respect their answers and wishes.


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