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Responsible Photography statement about social media and sharing photographs online

Responsible Photography ask you to think about how you share your photographs,  especially photographs of people and children, on  social media websites. You may not have thought about this, but do you know that  some social media websites, forums, online photo albums or competitions do not respect your copyright, do not protect your photographs, and exploit the use of your photographs for their own commercial gain. Please check very carefully the photography policy of social media services, competitions and forums before posting photographs or entering competitions. Many operate  'rights grabbing' terms and conditions which allow the social media service or competition  to use and distribute your photographs however they choose. This is something that you may not realise, and  could be of serious concern to any people, and especially to parents of children, featured in your photographs.  You could be responsible for their image being distributed around the net or used for commercal purposes, without their knowledge or permission. In some cultures this could have serious consequences.  Please think carefully about how and where you share your photographs.  ©Gail Ward

At Responsible Photography, Gail and everyone she partners with are very careful, respectful and responsible with 'people' photography. We do not encourage voyeuristic photography and do not organise photography workshops or field trips that encourage voyeuristic photography of people or indigenous tribes. Projects and communities collaborate with Responsible Photography because they choose to and because they want to enjoy participating and learning. 

Responsible Photography raises awareness of sharing photographs on social media (something Gail is a bit 'precious' about) and discourage sharing photographs of people, on facebook, flickr or other social media websites and in particular on websites, forums or competitions, where your copyright is not recognised or protected. There are a number of reasons why, but the most important ones are:-

- respecting cultural traditions and
- respecting the people who gave their permission to be photographed
- respecting your rights as a photographer

Many  people still do not have access to water or electricity let alone access to computers or the Internet, and therefore may have no concept of where their photographs might end up, or how they may be used. On some social media websites  the terms and conditions of use state that photographs can be used by the site host,  so it is important that you check your personal settings. For example, on facebook, ensure that you set your  privacy and application settings to protect your photographs (restrict viewing and use)  otherwise you, quote from facebook terms and conditions, grant them a 'non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP content that you post on or in connection with Facebook (IP License)' unquote.  This is the case with many social websites and forums, as well as with the less credible photography competitions.

Responsible Photography statement about Photography Competitions.

Please check very carefully the terms, conditions and photography policy of competitions and websites before entering photography competitions or posting photographs to an online competition or a competition organied on a facebook page. Many photography competitions operate  'rights grabbing' terms and conditions which allow the competition or website to use and distribute your photographs. There is an excellent resource with lots of information about 'Artists' rights where you can find out more about photography competitions that respect photographer's rights, as well as those that don't.

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