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Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement - Black on Yellow

Responsible Photography - collaborative and participatory photography founded in 2002 by Gail Ward. Responsible Photography  collaborates with partners and photographers who are committed and passionate about what they do. Everyone involved is encouraged to share their experiences, expertise and ideas, and everyone aims to work ethically and fairly.

  • Responsible Photography collaborate with partners, independent  business, families, helpers and small communities and projects in the UK and Overseas.

  • Responsible Photography participants enjoy learning facilities and hospitality from people who have chosen to share their way of life or skills, not only as their livelihood, but because they want you to experience their community, their homelands, their lives or their enthusiasm. 
  • Responsible Photography guidelines for taking and using photographs respect local etiquette, cultural and religious sensitivities, and, of course, the wishes of our partners, hosts and the people we collaborate with, or meet along the way. The photography of children on field trips is discouraged.

  • Responsible Photography raises awareness of copyright, photography 'rights grabbing' issues, photography competitions that do not respect the photographer's rights or exploits the use of photographs entered into a competition.

  • Responsible Photography do not post photographs of their participants, partners, associates or friends on facebook.

  • The original founding principles of Responsible Photography is  based on sharing  photography experiences through working in partnership with people who benefit directly. Responsible Photography partners include independent people, small businesses and communities, income-generating, educational and conservation projects, schools and groups.

    Gail has experience of working with people from different backgrounds and cultures, both at home in the UK and overseas. She has run photo projects  and activities for young people and adults of all ages and abilities, works with people who have learning challenges, physical disabilities and with people who have personal situations to overcome -  which she finds especially rewarding.  If you are interested in an activity, workshop or project tailored to meet the needs of a group or an individual, please talk to Gail.

    Equal Opportunities and The Disability Discrimination Act

    Responsible Photography supports the equal opportunities act and the disability discrimination act.

    • no job applicant or employee should receive less favourable treatment on the ground of race, colour, nationality, religion, ethnic or national origins, age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation or disability.
    • promote equality of opportunity for disabled people in education, employment, the arts, access to facilities, services, property and transport.


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