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Gail Ward

Gail Ward is the Founder and Owner of Responsible Photography, which is based in the UK, with partners worldwide.  Gail combined her Travel and Tourism background,  experience of working with people of different abilities, ages and cultures, plus her photography knowledge to develop the  'Photography, Culture and Education' concept for 'Responsible Photography'. 

Gail's passions are people stories, travel, the environment and humanitarian issues,. She works with a variety of clients and organisations, is involved with 'Education Business Partnerships', has participated in events such as the Enterprising Women Conference at Chichester University and World Responsible Tourism Day, and is a past Council Member of Tourism Concern, (which is an independent non-industry based charitable organisation that campaigns for ethically and fairly traded tourism; development and human rights). Whilst English is her first language, she speaks adequate French and Greek, basic German but has forgotten most of her Welsh (educated in North Wales!). Gail has lived in Africa, SE Asia, Greece, Austria, France, and has been to many more countries for work or personal travels. During her career, Gail held senior management posts in the Travel and Leisure Industry, in PR and as an Account Director before choosing to work independently. Take a look at Gail Ward Photography to learn more about her own photography.

'Truth in photography is important - factual, honest, responsible and   respectful'    Gail Ward
Responsible Photography - who we partner, collaborate and work with

Responsible Photography collaborate with different partners, businesses and organisations at home in the UK, and worldwide, including Ethiopia, Greece, Morocco, Colombia, Mongolia and India. It is important that, either individually or with their group or teams, partners share similar ethics, beliefs and principles to those of Responsible Photography. 

Responsible Photography collaborations are based on a shared vision and a shared commitment. Responsible Photography encourages working together in many different ways, from long term, sustained collaborations to time-restricted or specific projects or experiences.  Please contact  Gail at Responsible Photography if you would like to propose a collaboration or partner activity, or are  interested in Gail's work in education.

Responsible Photography Associate Photographers (RPAP's), are committed, passionate photographers, whose personal and work ethics and principles fit with those of Responsible Photography. English, French or Spanish speaking, they not only have specific knowledge and expertise, but genuinely want to share their local knowledge and passion for photography.

The help and encouragement Responsible Photography receives from supporters, friends and family is greatly appreciated and much relied on.  Pleas get in touch if you can help or  would like to support the work of Responsible Photography through, for example,  sponsorship of a project,  or by participating in a workshop, field trip or event.

*Please note - if you are a photographer or organisation that leads or offers photography holidays or workshops for more than six people, then this will not fit with the ethics of Responsible Photography, so very sorry, but it will not be possible to collaborate.

 The Responsible Photography Logo and Office

The Responsible Photography logo was re-designed by Gail's niece in 2009, just before she headed off to University. Steph Ward took inspiration for the logo from some of Gail's Morocco photographs  and the national colours of Ethiopia and Morocco.

The Office -  one  more bit of info just in case you are interested. There is no big office or staff, only Gail working from home or a mobile base, a laptop and when travelling, 'on the go'! Sometimes her mum is roped in to answer the phone and take messages - or to make an endless supply of cups of tea or Ethiopian coffee! Responsible Photography overseas partners work from a real mix of locations with vastly different facilities - some at the end of a mobile phone and others  from a well equipped office. It might all sound very grand - but the reality is that most overseas partners, like Gail, are  solo or micro businesses with a passion for what we do and what we believe in! 

Most communications are done via email or by telephone and Skype. Gail and her partners print some information, and work with professional  services for printing, developing, processing, printed media and exhibition prints. Recycling is part of every day life, so overall the Responsible Photography 'footprint' is  quite minimal! 


Please note that Responsible Photography is run by Gail Ward with different  partners, businesses and organisations. All partners, businesses and organisations that Gail collaborates with have insurance that meet their local regulations and specifications in their home country. Gail Ward has Public and Products Liability Insurance that is operative whilst she is undertaking activities that include a) making, designing, creating, preparing, installing, exhibiting and display of any works of visual or applied art, and b) lecturing, teaching or demonstrating visual or applied art including (but not limited to) workshops, residencies and community projects.  The Territorial Limits are worldwide and the Jurisdiction is UK.

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