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Gail Ward, founder of Responsible Photography, is available for comment or features about photography and tourism related issues.She has participated in panel discussions, on radio and TV,  lectured and her work has been published in a variety of media. Please contact her to discuss ideas or features.

Campaigns that Respect the Rights of Children

ECPAT UK is a leading Children's Rights Charity working in the UK and Overseas. Active campaigns include making Children a priority in the UK Government's new Modern Slavery Bill, the Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes, and Sexual Exploitatin of Children in Travel and Tourism.  ECPAT UK works to safegaurd children and raise awareness of issues regardless of where children live.  British Nationals can be prosecuted for crimes  in the UK and for crimes commited abroad. WALK FREE is an Australian organisation in partnership with ECPAT UK that is raising awarness of MODERN DAY SLAVERY. Please watch the video below and do what you can to support their exceptionally important work.

Tourism Concern

Tourism Concern is an independent non-industry based charitable organisation that campaigns for ethically and fairly traded tourism; development and human rights. Campaigns support communities in challenging harmful practices and promote forms of tourism that bring genuine benefit to local people and their communities. Please have a look at the current campaigns, especially 'Better Tourism' and even better, become a member or make a donation to this important work.

Responsible Photography statement on the use of photography on social media websites and in competitions

Responsible Photography ask you to think about how you share your photographs,  especially photographs of people and children, on  social media websites. You may not have thought about this, but do you know that  some social media websites, forums, online photo albums or competitions do not respect your copyright, do not protect your photographs, and exploit the use of your photographs for their own commercial gain. Please check very carefully the photography policy of social media services , competitions and  forums before posting photographs or entering competitions. Many operate  'rights grabbing' terms and conditions which allow the social media service or competition  to use and distribute your photographs however they choose. This is something that you may not realise, and  could be of serious concern to any people, and especially to parents of children, featured in your photographs.  You could be responsible for their image being distributed around the net or used for commercal purposes, without their knowledge or permission. In some cultures this could have serious consequences.  Please think carefully about how and where you share your photographs.

Artists Bill of Rights

Responsible Photography actively support the Artists Bill of Rights Campaign for ethical and fair terms and conditions for photography competitions. In addition, Responsible Photography campaign and raise awareness about the terms and conditions for the submission and use of 'people' photography in competitions. Any people photographed need to have given their permission to be photographed and permission for their photograph to be used. A parent should give permission for a child to be photographed and for any subsequent use of that photograph. Travelling presents an opportunity to meet and photograph many different people in lots of different countries and situations, but sometimes there may be culturally sensitive issues to think about before reaching for the camera. Sadly in this day and age, child prostitution, child trafficking and other crimes against children are facilitated via the internet, and photography can play an unwitting and innocent role. Something else to think about is that there are lots of people in the world who do not have clean water or enough to eat, let alone access to mobile telephones, the internet and printed media, so they will have no idea where their photograph may end up or how it may be used.  Photography is no longer straight forward and perhaps it is time to stop and think a little before 'clicking' away. Most professional photographers understand the legalities and implications of photographing people. They will obtain model releases or take considered decisions as to the use of their photographs; some amateur photographers are careful and considerate too, but the majority of the general public have fun taking pictures without thinking about the possible outcomes if their photograph is exploited.

There are different views and opinions about the use of photographs and the 'rights' of the photographer, something Gail Ward, founder of Responsible Photography is quite vociferous about, especially with photography competition terms and conditions. Her recommendation is to take a look at the Artists' Bill of Rights Campaign where you will find lots of information, and in particular,  can find out which photography competitions are recommended on the  Rights on list -  Artists Bill of Rights. 


Gail Ward at Responsible Photography does not  use of Pinterest for the main reason that, from her understanding, it allegedly encourages the use and sharing of peoples' work without their knowledge or permission and does not protect the embedded metadata or copyright information of images posted to the service.  A very clear and well written explanation of how Pinterest works can be read on the Artists' Bill of Rights Campaign Website.


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