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Photography Activities, Field Trips and Workshops

Responsible Photography collaborates with like minded partners to facilitate a variety of activities in the UK and further afield. Whether you would like to enjoy a day out with your camera,  gain more confidence or learn something new, Responsible Photography has opportunities to participate in photography focused activities throughout the year.

Beginners activities, workshops and weekends are designed by Gail to specifically help people gain more confidence with their camera, and to learn simple, easy to understand, picture taking skills.

Themed Photo-Study workshops are location or subject specific, for photographers who have particular interests, but who may not necessarily be looking for instruction.

There are also limited opportunities to join Responsible Photography on a field trip, where you'll have the chance to experience a mix of culture and photography  in a very tiny group - usually three to four participants, maximum five/six, whilst supporting local community and income generating projects, and Responsible Photography photo projects. And do come and join us at the Responsible Photography Annual Weekend in the UK - a great way to find out more! 

Responsible Photography  2018 Field Trips

India - November 2018

During 2018 Responsible Photography an partners in India are collaborating on the launch of a community photography project, with the opportunity to participate on a field trip with the chance to help with the project. If you would like to participate, please get in touch with Gail - places are limited to 3-5 depending on room requirements. (Simple accommodation with shared facilities).

Gail always talks to interested participants before accepting their booking. She tells you about the programme and asks about your photography aspirations and motivation, so that you can make sure the trip is the 'right fit' for you. Participants need their own camera equipment, laptop or tablets.

Field Trips are best described as an 'off the beaten track, adventurous, non-prescriptive (is there such an expression!) experience', and include a community hosted stay, train journeys, other local transport and regional food.  Sometimes there is no electricity, no hot water (or any water on occasions), and no toilets (bring a doggy bag!). So, these field trips are not for everyone!  If, however, you really want to experience the welcoming hospitality and warm insights of the people who live in quite remote places, who share their lives to sustain them, and you are not hung up on photographing all the time, but are happy to put the camera down and genuinely engage with what is going on, you'll have a unique time.

Through collaborating with educational, conservation and locally based partners, Responsible Photography contributes directly to local livelihoods and supports income-generating projects and hosts. Activities are led by Gail, with assistance from Responsible Photography partners, and are  usually restricted to between three to four participants (maximum five to six, depending on location).

If you would like to participate with Responsible Photography please get in touch with Gail for the latest  details and availability.

Responsible Photography Holidays - Respecting the rights of local people


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