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The ethics of sharing photography online

I am researching content for a photography brief, part of which will be about the ethics of sharing photography online. I published a short article on LinkedIn, which includes excerpts from something I wrote for Tourism Concern, a couple of years ago.  If you have time, please read it and let me have your thoughts  on this topical subject. I will credit any quotes in my article!                                                                                                                                                                

Apologies, but this page is no longer being updated for the time being.

2018 India collaboration

In 2018, following successful collaborations in India for our Responsible Photography field trips, there are plans to launch a new photography project with local guides, and to facilitate a field trip, during which there will be the chance to help with the project. Please get in touch with Gail for details.

India Field Trips

During 2017 Responsible Photography and our partners in India are collaborating on two new photography field trips, which will be in October and November. There will also be the launch of a new community photography project in 2018 with a field trip.  If you would like to participate on one of the field trips, please get in touch with Gail for info - places are very limited and include helping with the photo project (if you would like to).

International Women's Day 2017

Royal Photographic Society Acceptance

Delighted to hear from Duncan Locke (who joined me in Ethiopia 2015) that one of his beautiful Ethiopia images has been accepted by the Royal Photographic Society for the RPS Travel Group Exhibition.  I understand that they had 95 entries for 30 places so, as Duncan says, that is a bit of a result! Many congratulations and hope the printing met with Duncan's approval! 

International Women's Day 2016

Special Moments! 

The latest trip to  Mongolia included some amazing experiences - as well as some unplanned ones! Max, one of our brilliant drivers, took this photograph of me taking a picture of Tastulek, a beautiful three year old Golden Eagle, who posed perfectly on the arm of Baibolat.  I'm using my favourite old Canon EOS 3 and took just a couple of shots, both of which I am really pleased with! And yes, some of you will recognise 'that red jacket' which I still take everywhere!!  More to come about this year's Mongolia, as well as the other Responsible Photography holidays and activities, in the Christmas News Letter.  Some programmes for 2016 and 2017 are already confirmed!


Duncan Locke joined me on a Responsible Photography programme in Ethiopia, and I was delighted to hear that he decided to exhibit some of the photographs he took with me in an exhibition at The Mall Galleries in London - The Light and Land On The Mall Exhibition.  It was great to see his photographs, in print, on a gallery wall - and I can fully appreciate the time it must have taken to produce the finished results.  A lot of work but well worth it. Many congratulations Duncan and I hope you enjoy my 'before' and 'after' photographs! 

The exhibition was very interesting with some lovely work, so well worth going along to if you can.  Just in case you don't know, Gail specialises in Ethiopia, and Responsible Photography run a number of programmes each year. If you would like to participate please get in touch - there are still a couple of places for later this year, and during 2016.


I really enjoyed watching Kate Humble learn about life with the Mongolian Nomads during her recent TV series.  One of my favourite experiences in Mongolia is staying with a wonderful family in the Gobi, who are so welcoming and hospitable.  It is a real switch off and a very different way of life, but I love it! Not something we do on every programme and probably not for everyone, but it is very special.

Why not join me in Mongolia - you'll have a great adventure and the chance for some very different photographic opportunities!  Programmes are planned for later this year and in 2016. Mongolia is getting lots of attention, so best to visit soon before it gets too busy!  If you are interested - please get in touch.

Joanna Lumley in Mongolia

Last year, whilst visiting the enormous Chinggis Khan Statue with my little group of intrepid photographers, we literally bumped into Joanna Lumley. She was filming a 'Trans Siberian Journey' and  I don't know who was more taken aback - us or Joanna. We squeezed by each other on the very narrow staircase that leads to the viewing platform on the statue and then chatted to the film crew, who were all nursing colds picked up in China. Only one complaint about the series - the Mongolia episode was too short!  Well worth watching if you can find it on catch up TV (channel 3).

In Memory

It is with great sadness that I share the news that a favourite participant and supporter of Responsible Photography, Jim Entwistle, has passed away following a short illness.  In Morocco Jim  kept everyone amused with his lively conversation and antics, from perching precariously on a high mountain ledge to get the shot he wanted - our Moroccan driver anxiously calling him back, to sprightly walking up the highest sand dune with his tripod and backpack!   Our drivers also quickly noticed that Jim, like them, had a sweet tooth so would detour to find a patisserie with the best cakes!  Jim lived life to the full, loved his family and thoroughly enjoyed a lifelong passion for photography. Sincere condolences to his family and friends from Gail and everyone he met through Responsible Photography.                                                                               Posted by Gail. June 11th 2015

Ethiopia Photo Project

The recent elections and an upcoming TV documentary is putting the spotlight on Ethiopia, but for Gail at Responsible Photography and her Ethiopian partners, the spotlight has always shone brightly on this fascinating country. "I have been lucky to discover so much of this beautiful country", says Gail, "as well as providing opportunities for participants to share different journeys and adventures with me and my Ethiopian partners".

Right now, Gail is making plans for a new Responsible Photography photo project, this time in the North East of Ethiopia. It is very exciting, but still early days. The decision to set up this project was taken whilst in Ethiopia during April, and it will be run with the help of a very enthusiastic local guide, who demonstrated a talent for photography and a real understanding of the aims of the project.

If you would like to follow the project's progress over the next few months, or can get involved by helping or supporting us, please keep an eye on the website. This latest photo project has already got off to a good start thanks to donations of cameras and laptop from Kathy and Steve, recent participants in Ethiopia. If you have a digital camera that you no longer use, providing it works and has batteries/leads, it could help the project - please get in touch with Gail.                                                                     Posted June 8th, 2015                                                                                   

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Thank-you for your support and interest throughout 2014. Best wishes for a 'Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a peaceful new year.  See you in 2015!

Chichester Cathedral - Photography Study Day Dates 2015

Please contact the Education Assistant at Chichester Cathedral for the 2015 dates of the Photography Study Day dates that Gail is leading. There are study days for GCSE Students, KS3/4 and KS1/2.

Celebrating Local Wildlife and Nature Photography competition

Responsible Photography launched a photography competition on May 3rd 2014 for children and students living in the Parishes of Southbourne, Chidham and Hambrook in Chichester.

Pre-loved Camera Equipment - please can you help?

Do you have a 'pre-loved' digital camera that you no longer use? If so would you consider donating it to Responsible Photography? Digital cameras that are  in good, working condition, complete with batteries and leads, are needed for new Responsible Photography photo projects. Please get in touch with Gail if you can help. Film cameras are no longer wanted - sorry! Participants are keen to use digital cameras, even if it means there are challenges to overcome with electricity and charging batteries

Festival of Chichester - Spoken Word

Gail is once again delighted to be presenting a photographic lecture during the Festival of Chichester 2014. The date is Wednesday 18 June at 6pm at The Vicars Hall, Chichester Cathedral. Tickets £7.00  Concessions  £5.00   Further details and tickets available from The Cloisters shop, Chichester Cathedral, telephone or online at Chichester Festival Tickets.

Royal Geographic Society

Gail has been invited to give a lecture to members of the Royal Geographic Society in June 2014.

Happy Christmas and New Year Wishes

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and peaceful 2014. Thank-you for your collaboration, conntribution, support and interest during 2013 and here's looking forward to a collaborative and participative 2014. Bonne année et bonne santé pour une année 2014 calme. Eυτυχισμένο το νέο έτος και μια επιτυχημένη και ειρηνική 2014 για τους φίλους και τους συναδέλφους στην Ελλάδα. Feliz año nuevo,la buena salud y la esperanza de una solución pacífica de 2014.

Photographed in Colombia ©Gail Ward 2013

Responsible Photography Weekend  2014

A Responsible Photography Weekend is planned for February 2014.  Gail looks forward to meeting up with past RP participants and looks forward to welcoming anyone interested in joining us for a weekend of shared photography fun!

Please email Gail to receive details and booking form.

World Responsible Tourism  November 2013

Gail was invited to speak at  a session that looks at how 'practitioners use their Responsible Tourism ethos to benefit their business' -  it was an opportunity for her to share thoughts and experiences, and to hopefully get people  thinking about how and why they use photography, especially in travel marketing!                                     

Special Task Force - Photography Book Project

Members of the Special Task Force enjoyed a busy afternoon with Gail looking at their photographs and choosing which ones to include in their photography books.                                                                                                             September 2013

Getting Started with Digital Photography

Date: Saturday July 6th at 16.30hrs (ends 17.45hrs)

Booking Info - Booking in advance is required. Tickets can be booked in person at the booking office in the cloisters shop at Chichester Cathedral, by telephone  01243 813595 or online at Chichester Tickets.             Access:  Good access for disabled and wheelchair users. 

Ideal for people who are really new to photography, first find out what your camera can and can’t do, then look at picture taking with tips on simple composition. Learn about the importance of light, and how it impacts on your photographs, plus get a few tips on different ways to process and share your photographs. There will be the opportunity to ask questions and a handout will be provided.

Lecture  'Ethiopia Uncovered' 


Date: Saturday July 6th at 15.00hrs - 16.15hrs
Good access for disabled and wheelchair users. Parking info at the bottom of this page            Booking Info - there is only room for a small audience so booking in advance is required. Tickets can be booked in person at the booking office in the cloisters shop at Chichester Cathedral, by telephone  01243 813595 or online at Chichester Tickets - full details of this and all events at the Festival of Chichesterwebsite. 


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