Collaborations in the UK, Africa, Asia and Europe

Founding Principles

Responsible Photography is a tiny, independent collaborative and participatory photography, cultural and educational organisation founded in 2002 by Gail Ward.

Founding Principles

  • To collaborate in the field of photography, culture and education
  • To share Responsible Photography guidelines for taking and using photographs that respect local etiquette, cultural and religious sensitivities, restrict social media use, and, most importantly, the wishes of  the people we work with and meet.
  • Responsible Photography raises awareness of the implications of photographing children and discourages the photography of children unless with prior agreement and permission of parents.
  • Responsible Photography raises awareness of photography copyright, 'rights grabbing' issues,  and competitions that do not respect photographer's rights or exploit the use of photographs entered into a competition.
  • Responsible Photography do not post photographs of their participants, partners, associates or friends on Facebook or other social media without their permission.
  • Responsible Photography encourage respect, understanding and positive experiences between people of different ages, backgrounds and cultures.
  • Try to always make sure that local people, businesses, grass roots organisations, communities and projects are involved with Responsible Photography, and benefit either economically, from shared experiences or through skills and knowledge sharing.
  • Share knowledge and experience to help develop and promote  income generating, community, conservation and educational projects.
  • Do our bit to help preserve our environment and natural resources (photography is great for this!)
  • Respect and raise awareness of International Human Rights
  • Respect and raise awareness of The Convention on the Rights of the Child (watch a video)
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Responsible Photography cultural holidays, photography workshops and photo-study activities contribute to income-generating initiatives of communities and conservation, educational and photo projects. Participation is usually restricted to between two/three to five/six like minded participants.

  • Responsible Photography collaborate with UK and 'in country' partners, independent people,   families, helpers and small or 'grass roots' businesses, communities and projects.
  • Responsible Photography participants enjoy sharing experiences and hospitality from people who have chosen to share their skills and way of life, not only as their livelihood, but because they want you to really experience their homelands, lives and traditions. 
  • Responsible Photography uses accommodations, workshop spaces and venues that are locally or privately owned and/or managed.
  • Responsible Photography partners, photographers, helpers and friends are all encouraged to participate with everything we do - you'll see that some of our partners, helpers and friends have become, or are becoming, talented photographers, are developing their tourism and business skills, or are building sustainable, income generating projects.
  • Responsible Photography guidelines for taking and using photographs respect local etiquette, cultural and religious sensitivities, discourage social media use, and, of course, respect the wishes of our hosts and the people we work with and meet.
  • Responsible Photography raises awareness of the implications of photographing children and discourages the photography of children on location unless in agreement with hosts and parents.

Responsible Photography  - statement about Social Media.
We are careful and responsible with 'people' photography. We try to make sure that anyone who is happy to be photographed, especially from the communities we stay in, receive copies of any photographs taken by Responsible Photography participants. We do not encourage sharing  photographs of people, on Facebook, Flickr, Snapchat, WhatsApp or other Social Media websites, unless you have express permission to do so.  Please check Terms and Conditions of websites, forums or competitions to make sure your copyright is  recognised and your photographs are protected. Please check very carefully the photography policy of competitions and  websites before posting photographs as many operate  'rights grabbing' terms and conditions which allow the competition or website to use and distribute your photographs. 

Read Responsible Photography statements on social media and people photography in full

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