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Developing and delivering photography, cultural and educational activities for schools, groups and partner organisations 

Photography and culture are two fascinating subjects that can be combined to encourage and educate,  to develop  creative talent and personal skills, whilst building confidence and self belief. Photography is a great learning tool and Responsible Photography leads or facilitates unique learning activities that include photo-study days, photo projects, residentials and workshops for people of a wide variety of ages and abilities - children, young people, adults, and groups with special needs.

Responsible Photography collaborates with schools, clubs, groups and a variety of partner organisations. There are many different ways to work together, share experiences and develop content, including opportunities for cross curricular activities and tailored programmes.

Collaborations include Chichester Cathedral, where Gail has facilitated Photography Study Days for KS3/4 that encourage students to explore different themes through photography. For example, 'Iconography', looks at the power and purpose of imagery in contemporary photography and the art of Chichester Cathedral. 

'Photography can be used to bring a different dimension to learning and skills development for people of a wide variety of ages and abilities'

School Photo-Study Day with Responsible Photography
Schools, Educators and Groups
  • Responsible Photography collaborates with educators, schools, teachers and groups to develop and tailor content linked to Key Stages, curriculum subjects, skill sets, projects  or special needs.
  • Responsible Photography develops unique learning opportunities, programmes, activities and projects for a wide variety of ages, abilities and interests, be that in the classroom, with a group or for an individual.
  • Responsible Photography facilitates collaborative and participatory partnerships and photo projects in the UK and Worldwide.

Developing Young Photographers

Responsible Photography offers assistance, support, solidarity and friendship to young people interested in photography.  Examples of support and help given include talented and developing young photographers and photography enthusiasts in Chichester, Ethiopia and Morocco, and during 2018, in India.

School help in Ethiopia

A-CET, The African Children's Educational Trust funds educational support programmes through EYES, a local NGO in.  They need financial support to help them continue work that is making a big change to the lives of many young Ethiopians. Please read more about the work of  A-CET here
where you can also make a donation to the really important work that A-CET does.

To find out more or to talk through ideas, please contact Gail at Responsible Photography

Email:admin (at) responsiblephotography (dot) org
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